Variables Message Boards

Under this project, and since

  • The location of signs is the secondary provincial network, which is bi-directional and speed limit data points are below 80 km / h
  • Taking account of the standardization of the European Union EN12966,

selected panels which are visible at least 80-100 meters, given the speed and ability to display predetermined messages associated with the weather in the areas of sensors.
The variable message sign composed of two parts. A compact imaging signals by two-colored (Full Matrix) and one to display text (Line Matrix). Section conventional imaging signals displayed warning and regulatory signs, which warn of fog, strong winds, heavy rains, snowfall, road closed, etc., while the fixed part of the text displayed similar information within the region, elements, p . x. temperature and other emergency messages to be prepared in the control center and can be sent over the plates and will, as required. Noted that the language of the text will be rotated between Greek and English to accommodate tourists.
A general form of the display plate and the proposed scale is presented below:


Form variable messaging signs
Figure 5 Form variable messaging signs

As shown in Figure 5 above, the upper part (Full Matrix) is 816chil dimensions. X 816chil. Specific signs and displays in two-colored, red and white (black LED off), while the bottom shows two lines of text with overall dimensions 1920chil X 540chil. and nine characters per line and height of 210chil. The signs to be visible from 80-100 meters below the norms L3, R2, C2, B4 (40.000 lx illumination environment) according to European standards EN12966.
Each plate is controlled by at least one processor - controller, which interfaces with a GPRS Modem for data transmission from the central system in the plates, while a second controller in connection master / slave. In addition, special software takes over the communication interface of the plates with the rest of the system.
The plate is standard on the IR55 leakproofness and all electronic components, including the controller and the modem inside the plate, which is constructed with materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions and traffic of the road.
In terms of mechanical characteristics of the framework of the following signs:

  • It is durable and provides protection for electronic components from vibration and vibration, humidity, rain, snow, solar radiation, dust, pollution and saline corrosion found in a motorway.
  • It is designed to allow the runoff water and prevents the accumulation of large quantities of snow, ice and dust.
  • All electronic components of the plate including the controller inside the main frame of the plate.
  • All mounting accessories are made of a material that prevents erosion and relaxation in a motorway.
  • The plugs and stuffing on the side of the chassis level is IP67.
  • In front of the plate is a specially designed in relation to the arrangement of pixels of the screen foil black (matte) paint. Between this film and the LED's placed a watertight polycarbonate sheet thickness of 2mm, with UV protection. Behind the polycarbonate sheet attached to a suitable distance, suitably shaped shades, which are attached to the boards of the LED's. The entire front and provision of support for boards of LED's provide adequate shading from the outside lighting.
  • In the back of the plate are aluminum doors that are accessible for maintenance and repair of platform visits, which are secured with safety locks to the appropriate number of points and kept in open position with stops auto safety port.
  • Based on special access doors blinds bring fresh air to fans based on filters that are driven by a thermostat. The blinds ensure cooling, heat equation and mitigate the formation of hot spots on the screens inside of the plate. Corresponding filters blinds closed the hot air. Both blinds entry and exit air blinds are suitable protected from water with outer cover.
  • Inside the front of the plate were placed in appropriate radiators fans which are driven by electronic liquid proofed within the framework and provide for mitigation of liquefaction phenomenon within the display screen and blurred points in front of the plate.

Whole plate VMS conforms to both the optical as well as the mechanical requirements of the European standard EN 12966. The weight does not exceed 500 pounds. The plates were placed on a special construction, which is capable of bearing the weight of the plate and be resistant to winds of at least 130 km / h.


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